Thus Spoke Sisyphus

1. Return of the King

Sisyphus stopped for a moment to rest at the bottom of the mountain when he heard a small group talking. "Indeed", said the speaker, "the prophecy says that I shall return and draw the sword from the rock to rule Britain once again." Sisyphus laughed aloud at this and addressing the crowd spoke thus:
"You may rest at ease Lord of the Britains, for the day of the Superman dawns and he shall draw the rock from the earth and with it crush Fate's great tapestry."

2. Absurd Folly

"One must imagine Sisyphus happy", finished Camus as Sisyphus reached the bottom of the mountain. Sisyphus said nothing and began to push the boulder once again; but those who were nearby noticed that Camus' remarks had elicited a smirk from Sisyphus.